Get started with Short Term Rentals 

For us with it’s always been to achieve Financial Freedom and what that means to each of us, travel more, spend more time with family, the list goes on and on. 


Our process is simple. First we provide you with the necessary information and educational systems to build your confidence so that you can get out there, take action and get your first Short-Term Rental (STR) aka BNB. Then, repeat the process as many times as you want. Sign up for our weekly newsletter! We give you everything and all our online products, the newsletter, our blog posts, and our videos are completely FREE! Our incredible online property tours and workshops are also VERY inexpensive, just $25-$50 and we give you everything from what security systems we use and buy to setting up a 6-7 figure business system. 


The second we provide you with helpful services, such as setting up a BNB/STR, management services, professional consulting with our team and for those who want to become dominant BNB/STR Operators we’ll plug you into a community of Real-Estate Investors and STR Hosts with advanced masterminds, study groups and education. 

Short Term Rental Services

Set up a BNB

This is highly recommended for first-time BNB/STR hosts not only because our professional set-up team will build a fully functional, professionally designed 5-star BNB/STR but more importantly because our set-up teams are professional coaches. They are experienced hosts themselves and they are trained to teach you everything about the set-up process, why certain products are better than others because of affordability, durability, how easy it is to clean it, maintain it and operate it, etc. etc. This service is specifically designed for new hosts. If you’re new, we HIGHLY recommend starting out with this. Please we beg you! We’ve made a ton of mistakes so that you don’t have to and we hold nothing back, our goal during this process is leave you with a wonderful unit and also to teach you how to set up your own units moving forward! 

BNB Management

We are industry experts and we handle everything! We will build and train your cleaning, customer service and management teams, set up and manage your pricing, listing and unit calendars, set up a system to track 100% of your unit’s financial performance down to the penny and plug you into our monthly meetings where our executive team back-briefs you on the performance of not only your unit but all the other units we manage so that you can have a clear understanding of how your unit is performing with actual real data.

Professional Short Term Rental Consulting

Our goal is to teach people just as motivated as we are to become financially free in the shortest time frame possible! We’ve spent thousands and made 5-figure mistakes so that you don’t have too! Our entire executive team is available to hop on a Zoom call to get your questions answered and to give you professional advice based on our personal experiences in any STR/BNB situation.

Join Our Community

This is the ultimate most effective service and support that we provide. We’ve contracted with an inexpensive online third party education system to provide on-demand educational classes for students to watch anytime and anywhere.

Our professional team with, follows the curriculum and facilitates advanced masterminds and study groups with the focus on you so that you learn the content and most importantly Take Action!

We cannot make any guarantees, but with a proven process it is easier to potentially shorten the curve to success.  Many students have been able to meet and form partnerships with each other, raise private capital for their STRs/BNB, as well as other, larger Real-Estate transactions. . . plus, create life-long friendships and even travel with each other to associated conferences and leadership retreats which are sometimes hosted in exotic places, such as Panama.

Nationwide Community

24/7 Access

Practitioner Instructors

Financing Available

We encourage everyone to join this amazing investor focused community of more than 25,000. We credit 100% of our success to this amazing community and education and we are blessed to be able to be in a position now to help others do the same. 

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